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Stabi'Bain Ceramic


Stabi'Bain Ceramic is just what you need to make your enamelled bath or shower slip-proof. It takes just a few minutes to apply and will give literally years of slip-free service. Use also to renovate any cracked or lightly chipped enamel surfaces.

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Contents 200 ml, 1 litre, 5 litres
Surface area coverage (sq. m.) 1 baignoire ou bac de douche par flacon de 200 ml, 5 à 6 baignoires ou douches par litre.
Suitable for : Enamelled porcelaine baths, shower trays, sinks, etc.
Weight 230 g, 1.1 kg, 5.5 kg depending on contents

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Stabi'Bain Ceramic is the only product on the market that does not contain any strong acids or toxic materials, but rather it is designed to make the surface of your bath or shower slip-proof gently, ecologically and without leaving any films or deposits behind.

Stabi’Bain Ceramic does not alter the appearance of your sanitaryware but it will make them safer to use: no unsightly, unsafe mats or tired peeling stickers, nowhere for mould and bacteria to hide and grow, just a safe, clean environment for you and your children to bathe or shower in.

Easy to apply

Just spray on, leave a couple of minuites, then rinse off. Our treatment is totally safe to handle, though we suggest you wear gloves when applying the solution - just in case you may be allergic to one of the solution's components.

Just 15 minutes

A 200 ml bottle of Stabi'Bain Ceramic contains just enough solution to treat a standard-sized bath or shower so DO use all of the contents when carrying out the treatment. It takes just 15 minutes to treat a dry bath or shower from start to finish.

The professionals' choice

Stabi'Bain Ceramic has been chosen by professionals for professionals keen to ensure they observe the health and safety requirements pertaining to their business or their establishments.

What better reassurances could you possibly get that you're getting best of breed?

1. Thoroughly clean and dry the surface to be treated; use isopropanol or similar to degrease if necessary.

2. Shake the contents of the bottle.

3. Block the shower drain or fit the bath plug.

4. Using the whole of the contents of the 200 ml bottle, spray the solution evenly over the whole of the surface to be treated.

5. Leave the solution to stand for approximately 5 minutes ensuring the surface remains wetted at all times.

6. Remove the bath plug or unblock the shower drain, then rinse the treated surface thoroughly with clean water.

Your bath or shower is now completely slip-proof

Your bath or shower should remain slip-proof for at least 4 to 5 years under normal conditions. Clean as usual, avoiding scouring powders or abrasive cleaners (as these will diminish the effectiveness of the treatment). After this time just retreat as above to keep the bath or shower slip-free.

Renovating your enamelled bath or shower

Use Stabi'Bain Ceramic to remove clracks and minor chips from your enamel surfaces simply and quickly. Just pour a little of the solution onto a clean dry sponge and then rub gently over the cracked or chipped area until the crack or chip has disappeared.

Follow this same method to thoroughly clean grimy surfaces including any so-called non-slip tread patterns that may lie on the base of your bath or shower, at the same time restoring the original tint back to the enamelled surface.

StabiBain Ceramic restorer - before and after treatment