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Stabi'Bain Acrylic


Stabi'Bain Acrylic is the easy-to-apply solution to make your acrylic, plastic, resin or fibreglass bath, shower or jaccuzzi slip-free and safe.

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Contents kit
Surface area coverage (sq. m.) 1 standard bath or shower tray per kit
Suitable for : Acrylic, fibreglass and resin baths and shower trays, etc.
Weight 360 mg

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Make the most of your bath, shower or jaccuzzi with Stabi'Bain Acrylic

With Stabi’Bain Acrylic you'll no longer be slipping and sliding your way in and out or around your bath or shower or jaccuzzi hot tub. Stabi'Bain Acrylic is a specially-formulated mixture of hard wearing and UV-resistant epoxy combined with our special powder mix to give you a clear, shiny coating that feels slightly bumpy to the touch once it is applied.

The treatment bonds semi-permanently to plastic, acrylic, resin, fibreglass as well as steel, aluminium and even perspex and glass. It can be applied anywhere there is a risk of slipping and falling and will provide years of slip-proof traction in baths and showers, on stairs and glass and perspex under-floor lighting, etc.

Stabi’Bain Acrylic comes in kit* form with everything you need to achieve a professional finish . It takes just a few minutes to apply and the treated surface is ready to use in less than 24 hours. Each standard kit has sufficient product to coat one standard shower or bath or jaccuzzi.

Step 1

Nettoyer la baignoire First, thoroughly clean, degrease (using white spirit, isopropanol, absolute alcohol or similar) and dry the surface to be treated.

Step 2

Protéger la baignoireMask off the area you want to treat making sure to protect any fittings at the same time. If you wish, use masking tape to mark out a decorative pattern.

Step 3

Mélanger les flacons

Put on the gloves supplied with the kit.

Pour the contents of the two vials into the well of the tray and mix together with the stirrer provided.

Step 4

Ajouter les microbillesAdd the powder to the mixture and keep stirring until you obtain a white, pasty homogenous mixture.

Don't worry, the end result will be a solid, clear glossy coating.

Step 5

Appliquer le mélange à la baignoireUsing the roller, apply a thin even coat of the mixture over the whole of the area to be treated. Apply the whole of the mixture, going over and over the same area to obtain a uniform grain.

Step 6

Laisser durcir 24 heuresAfter 30 minutes peel away carefully the masking tape and place in the tray with the used items. Close the tray and dispose of responsibly in a recycling facility. Leave the coating to dry for 24 hours, after which your bath, shower, jaccuzzi or other appliance is ready to use.

Job done!

Your fixture or your surface is now fully non-slip. Repeat the treatment every 4 or 5 years or as necessary.

* Each kit comes complete with one vial of epoxy, one vial of hardener, a sachet of surface traction powder, a stirrer, a pair of gloves, a roller and handle, a tray and lid, plus full instructions. The complete kit shhould be disposed of responsibly after use, with your local recycling depot.


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Stabi'Bain Acrylic

Stabi'Bain Acrylic

Stabi'Bain Acrylic is the easy-to-apply solution to make your acrylic, plastic, resin or fibreglass bath, shower or jaccuzzi slip-free and safe.

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