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Stabi'Sol Ceramic P110


The gentle non-slip treatment for glossy, shiny and slippery glazed floor tiles in the home.

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Contents 200 ml, 1 litre, 5 litres
Surface area coverage (sq. m.) 10 to 15 m² per litre of product
Suitable for : Glossy and glazed floor tiles
Weight 230 g, 1.1 kg, 5.5 kg depending on contents

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Stabi'Sol P110 is the non-slip treatment that is specially designed for ceramic tiles and highly polished floors. It is the only product currently available that does not contain any acid, does not leave behind any toxic deposits and which is environmentally friendly.

Apply Stabi’Sol P110 to your bathroom, kitchen or hallway floor tiles for example, and you will no longer need to worry about slipping - even if the tiles are wet.

How it works

The Stabi’Sol P110 solution reacts with the top-most layer of your floor tile to transform it from a totally smooth surface (and hence slippery, even when wet) to one that is slightly pitted with millions upon millions of microscopic indentations - invisible to the naked eye but which act as micro suction cups when you walk over them, preventing any chance of slippage.

Just how effective the treatment is can be gauged by the slip test results obtained by an independent test laboratory, the Société Française de Céramique - SFC - and shown in the diagram below.

Résultat de test antiglisse pour P110 fait par la SFC

  • To apply the treatment solution:
    • EITHER a paint tray and long-handled microfibre roller,
    • OR a flat Vileda-type microfibre mop, bucket and wringer;
  • Disposable paper towel;
  • Optional: A floor squeegee or wet & dry vacuum cleaner.

1. Clean the floor thoroughly with an industrial-grade degreasing agent (we recommend Régras), rinse then leave to dry. Use a squeegee or a wet and dry vacuum cleaner to accelerate the drying process if necessary.

2. Shake the contents of the P110 bottle before use.

3. Depending on which you are using, half-fill the well of the paint tray with P110 or pour 1 litre of P110 into the Vileda-type bucket, then using the roller or flat microfibre mop, apply the P110 solution evenly over the floor.

4. The P110 solution in the bucket/tray will turn dark grey over time. We recommend discarding the last few centilitres and then wiping dry the bucket or tray with paper towel before adding more product to the tray or bucket.

5. Allow the product to stand for 5 to 10 minutes ensuring the surface remains wetted for the whole of this time.

6. Rinse down the floor with clean water and test to see if your floor is sufficiently slip-proof for your needs while still wet. Repeat the treatment if necessary, missing out the step requiring you to first clean the floor.

Job done!

Your floor is now fully slip-resistant and safe to walk on - even when wet. Repeat the treatment every 4 to 5 years.


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Stabi'Sol Ceramic P110

Stabi'Sol Ceramic P110

The gentle non-slip treatment for glossy, shiny and slippery glazed floor tiles in the home.

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